Stroopwafels... the Dutch sweet sensation!

Holländische StroopwafelsThe Dutch cuisine is notoriously bad apart from Edam cheese. But there's an exception! - and this is the STROOPWAFEL!

A Stroopwafel (Orange for "Syrup Waffle") consists of two superimposed dough wafers, which are separated only by a thick "nuggets" - the STROOP - filled with caramel, syrup. The syrup filling holds together the two parts of the wafer so. You'll taste: So damn good! According to the legend the Stroopwafel was invented in 1784 by a bakery in Gouda. Stroopwafels are still freshly prepared in the Netherlands on markets by street vendors. Dutch Stroopwafel is sold packaged in bags in addition as "Kruimels". Recipes with leftovers, which is good for the children: a 5 year Waffelpaul bought on the market "Kruimels". Today, the Stroopwafel is one of the finest art.Holländische Stroopwafel KruimelsThe best tastes very fresh and still warm baked by Waffelpaul the so-called Stroopwafel or syrup waffle, and suuuperbig! These waffles (10 Pieces) are also packed home to the coffee a true treat. They can be ordered through the contact form.

Let's bite in a STROOPWAFEL - or as Dutch say "Syrup Waffle" - and enjoy the harmony of waffle and Stroop. So damn good! EET smakelijk!

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